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Heading into the Storm

Heading into the Storm is one of the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available in the gallery.   About six years ago my husband and I purchased a piece of land outside of the city.  It is a country place.  Not on a lake.  Not on a river.  Just acres and acres of country.  Half of the land is leased to a farmer.  It is currently a hayfield.  The other half is pasture, aspen forest, a pond, and a cabin.  Neither of us grew up in the country but we have both always wanted to experience living away from the urban areas.  Most of what we knew about living in the country was based on our love of car holidays.  In...

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Welcome to The Plaid Moose Gallery

The Plaid Moose Gallery is an online art gallery where you can purchase original art.  The gallery is opening with the art created by the founder Linda French but will be expanded over time to include other painters and artisans.   If The Plaid Moose Gallery was in a physical space you would expect to enter into a warm inviting space.  There would be a fireplace on the far wall with two chairs inviting you to sit and stay for awhile.  On a cool day you could expect the fire to be warming you up while you relaxed in one of the chairs.  On the walls of the Gallery you would see original art enticing you to experience the world through...

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