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Becoming an Artist

I recently put myself and my art out there and called myself a self taught artist.  After all, I’ve heard the term used a fair amount by other artists and it seemed appropriate.  But the more I wrote it down and used it to describe myself, the more I came to question just what it meant. 

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Live a Colourful Life

When you grow up in the tropics, in front of the sea, colour is everywhere. Colour surrounds you wherever you look, from the sky, the birds, and the clothes people wear… I had a collection of bright coloured swimming suits and beach dresses, the flowers were always blooming and  I don’t remember having a single grey or black item of clothing.  When I moved to Canada in 2009 from Venezuela, we went straight to Vancouver. My husband was finishing some studies there and I found a job as a nanny. I knew it was a city where rain was going to fall almost every day, but I was not prepared to see so much grey. The city is lovely, don’t...

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