Purple Mountain Haze

Purple Mountain Haze is one of the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available in the gallery.  

Almost every year (pre pandemic) for the last twenty years or so - we have driven across the rockies to the west coast for Spring break.  In Calgary there is usually still snow and what isn't covered by the snow is a dull golden brown.  On the other side of the mountains there is Shangri-la with green grass and trees in blossom.  

Crossing the mountains in the Spring is a crap shot.  You have to have chains in the car to cross the mountain passes - and we have plenty of stories about having to use them.  Though the mountains are treacherous - they also stunningly beautiful.  The photo that was the muse for the Purple Mountain Haze fine art print was taken from the passenger side of the car on one such trip.  

The sky was hazy and the sun was trying to make an appearance from behind a cloud bank.  The image was more of a dark green sky and black mountain but when I went to paint it I reached for the purple and - hence it became the Purple Mountain Haze.  Purple for me is often my go to colour for creating shadows, darkness, or a melancholy mood.  It is a bold colour that pairs well with its complementary colour yellow and its neighbour on the colour wheel - orange.

The Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are printed on a thick matte paper to enhance the watercolour marks.  The printing is done at Resolve Photo in Calgary which is a high quality printshop.  This print is square and fits well into a simple black frame with a small mat.  The gallery is happy to make recommendations. 

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