Support our Local Arts Organizations

The pandemic has been very difficult on small and local businesses especially in industries impacted by the public health orders.  One  such industry is the arts. While they have had the ability to access covid grants and loans - it has kept some a float - and many others have not weathered the storm as well.  Consider that most arts organizations are also charities with volunteer boards.  The need to maneuver the many obstacles during a global pandemic was too high a demand for some groups.  Financially the arts and other charities rely heavily on donations, sponsorships, memberships, ticket sales, registrations and casino funds.  Most of these revenue streams have been on hold.  Organizations have had to make tough decisions about their staff and their facilities.

More than the loss of revenue streams - many art organizations had to cancel their events or close their doors.  They lost their audience.  The arts rely on the interaction between the art and an audience.  If a painting exists in a forest and no one is there to see it - does it really exist?

It will take time to build these organizations after the pandemic.  Think of how much we have all enjoyed free online concerts, free art museum tours, free zoom lectures and even watching streamed films and other entertainment.  The arts were a lifesaver for us all.  Now we need to do our part to support our local arts.  

The Plaid Moose Gallery is looking for opportunities to support various local arts organizations and to highlight artists.  You can do one small thing today toward this goal.  Consider buying a package of Pandemic Cards.  The Calgary Performing Arts Festival will receive $15 from each package sold. 

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