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Ruth Johnson

Meet our newest artist

Ruth Johnson

We've very happy to announce the newest artist to join The Plaid Moose Gallery team, Ruth Johnson. Browse through her incredible handwoven art, and the find the perfect piece for your home.

Pandemic cards on a table

Pandemic Cards

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Collect them or share them with loved ones outside your pandemic bubble. $15 from each sale will be donated to a local art organization. Share the love! Support the arts!


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Check out the incredible new art pieces we've added for you to discover! Notably, we have art by the wonderfully talented artist, Ruth Johnson that you can finally order!

We're excited to announce our new product category: Handwovens. Fall in love with beautiful, artistic handwoven art today!

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I’m launching my creative life in my fifties after a career as a lawyer and senior leader. I spend the best hours of my day painting and writing in my home studio.

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