Heading into the Storm

Heading into the Storm is one of the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available in the gallery.  

About six years ago my husband and I purchased a piece of land outside of the city.  It is a country place.  Not on a lake.  Not on a river.  Just acres and acres of country.  Half of the land is leased to a farmer.  It is currently a hayfield.  The other half is pasture, aspen forest, a pond, and a cabin.  Neither of us grew up in the country but we have both always wanted to experience living away from the urban areas. 

Most of what we knew about living in the country was based on our love of car holidays.  In North America one can't go very far on a highway without driving through prime farmland.  We would both look out at the barns and homesteads and wonder what it was like to live there. So we did it.

We aren't having the full farm experience.  We don't have any livestock - not even chickens - but we do have the calm and the peace and quiet.  We have the magical moments when the fog is hanging low on the hayfield and a herd of white tail deer move effortlessly through the long grass.  We have the quiet of the darkness that is interrupted by the call of the coyotes - followed by the echoed reply of another pack from the opposite direction.  We also deal with mice especially after the harvest when they scurry out of the fields to take cover from the circling hawks and owls. We love our country life.  I am sure you can see that it inspires a lot of my art as well.

This Limited Edition Art Print is of a watercolour sketch I created based on a photo taken one day driving to the cabin.  We pulled over so I could take a photo.  I do that a lot.  What grabbed my attention was how the clouds of an impending storm push through the sky overpowering the previously calm blue sky and puffy white clouds.  The idea of how our calm stable lives are momentary and can be overtaken so quickly by crisis.

The Limited Edition Fine Art Prints are printed on a thick matte paper to enhance the watercolour marks.  The printing is done at Resolve Photo in Calgary which is a high quality printshop.  This print is square and fits well into a simple black frame with a small mat.  The gallery is happy to make recommendations. 

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