The Plaid Moose Gallery

The Plaid Moose Gallery was created to be an online platform to celebrate emerging and established Canadian artists including the owner Linda French. From day one, the Gallery also has had a mandate to support local arts organizations and connect the community at large with art.

As the creator of the Art is the Heart of a Home project The Plaid Moose Gallery partnered with the nonprofit organization HomeSpace Society to bring the art of over 50 artists into the homes of some of Calgary’s most vulnerable families living in affordable housing. Also leaving a legacy behind with a communal art room set up for the benefits of the residents of the housing.

Why is it called The Plaid Moose Gallery? The moose is an iconic symbol of Canada. Are they ever spotted wearing plaid? No. But the idea of one wearing a plaid scarf would be something completely wonderful. The Plaid Moose Gallery is created on a foundation of Canadian art, that is joyful and whimsical – like the idea of the Moose with the plaid scarf.

About Linda French

My work tends to be a whimsical exploration of nature - in particular the landscapes that I see around me here in Alberta. I love to capture my world with my camera and share these photos on Instagram @Calgary_Moose. The photos are often the basis of my art work.

Currently I am completely infatuated with watercolour paint. Many of my work this year will be created using my watercolour paints. I love to use high pigment bright colours to bring my landscape, florals and urban sketches alive. Watch for splashes of magenta, purple, and turquoise which tickle the senses.