Weaving Adventures with Colour

Weaving presents endless opportunities to be creative with colour but sometimes a little inspiration is in order. I like to get out my camera and turn to nature. I was taught that if you pull colours from an appealing photo you just can’t go wrong.  The concept is very true but I have discovered colour can also be deeply personal.

 Flowers often have some surprising colour combinations. Consider the gorgeous blanket flower: Gaillardia aristata.


I decided to pull colours from this photo and design a wool blanket. Using Harrisville Shetland shades of poppy, goldenrod, cornsilk, grass, and garnet I created this:

It is a beautiful blanket and the colours work well together but having been a teenager in the 70’s nothing could stop me from seeing this:


Luckily my son and daughter-in-law have no recollection of 70’s leisure suits, WKRP in Cincinnati or Herb Tarlek. They only saw the beauty of the blanket flower and were delighted to have it for their apartment!

Author: Ruth Johnson (Artist)

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