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Live a Colourful Life

When you grow up in the tropics, in front of the sea, colour is everywhere. Colour surrounds you wherever you look, from the sky, the birds, and the clothes people wear… I had a collection of bright coloured swimming suits and beach dresses, the flowers were always blooming and  I don’t remember having a single grey or black item of clothing.  When I moved to Canada in 2009 from Venezuela, we went straight to Vancouver. My husband was finishing some studies there and I found a job as a nanny. I knew it was a city where rain was going to fall almost every day, but I was not prepared to see so much grey. The city is lovely, don’t...

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Purple Mountain Haze

Purple Mountain Haze is one of the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available in the gallery.   Almost every year (pre pandemic) for the last twenty years or so - we have driven across the rockies to the west coast for Spring break.  In Calgary there is usually still snow and what isn't covered by the snow is a dull golden brown.  On the other side of the mountains there is Shangri-la with green grass and trees in blossom.   Crossing the mountains in the Spring is a crap shot.  You have to have chains in the car to cross the mountain passes - and we have plenty of stories about having to use them.  Though the mountains are treacherous - they...

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Heading into the Storm

Heading into the Storm is one of the Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available in the gallery.   About six years ago my husband and I purchased a piece of land outside of the city.  It is a country place.  Not on a lake.  Not on a river.  Just acres and acres of country.  Half of the land is leased to a farmer.  It is currently a hayfield.  The other half is pasture, aspen forest, a pond, and a cabin.  Neither of us grew up in the country but we have both always wanted to experience living away from the urban areas.  Most of what we knew about living in the country was based on our love of car holidays.  In...

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