Frequently Asked Questions

 I am an artist interested in selling on this site. How much do you charge?

Best if you contact us and we can discuss options.  On the top right hand corner of the homepage select "Contact Us" for details.

How often will new work be posted?

New works will be uploaded monthly.  If you want to know what is being added sign up for the monthly newsletter. 

Do paintings come framed?

Only if the product description specifically indicates that the painting is framed.  Otherwise, they do not. Sometimes the photo will show it in a frame to help you imagine it in your home.

What do you suggest for framing?

It depends.  It depends what your personal tastes are and what your budget will allow.  Here are some ideas.

For watercolour sketch originals it is recommended that they be framed under glass (or acrylic).  Original watercolour paintings do often have some warping in the paper.  If you protect the image, and then place it under heavy books, it may help straighten it before framing.  When framing it is best to use archival quality tape.  You can buy it at stores like Michael's.  Alternatively - a professional framer will be able to do a wonderful job recommending mats and frames, and handling the watercolour paper. Michael's has a framing shop that often has 50% off deals.

For prints it is also recommended that you frame them under glass (or acrylic).  The watercolour sketches are made with black lines and so the prints look great with simple black frames.  For the square images - Square frames can be hard to find but Amazon does sell some simple 11x11 and 12x12 frames.  For the Linda French Fine Art Prints custom cut mats are available at cost so that you can pop them into any 12x12 frame.  Other prints are different sizes. 

Some other prints and original artwork includes some recommendations for how to best display and what size frame works best.  

Some canvases have painted sides and were created to be left unframed.  If you want to frame them you should look for gallery style frames. designed for canvases.

Some of the 10x10 canvases come framed.  These frames were custom made for each canvas. 

Are the paintings varnished?

Some are.  Some aren't.  Varnish is a great protector but it also changes the colours and the look of some of the paintings.  Some paintings have been finished with a cold wax rub to enhance the vibrancy.  In any event, it is always best to not place a painting in a spot where it could receive discolouration from sunlight.  Its original art or Fine Art prints - you should treat them like they are in your art museum.  Best to display them in a spot that does not get regular sunlight.

Will there be more larger works available?

Various sizes of paintings will be added over time.  The Plaid Moose Gallery is also planning an in person art show and sale in the fall of 2021 in Calgary (dependant on pandemic) which will include some larger works. It is currently booked for October 23 & 24, 2021 at the White Box Studio in Calgary.  It will be by invitation only.  Best to sign up for the mailing list to make sure that you will be invited.

What if I want a print of one of the originals that I don't see offered in the Printshop?

Let us know which one and we may be able to order one from our art printer.  The price will reflect it being a special order.

What if I want to commission a painting?

We are open for commissions. On the top right hand corner of the homepage select "Contact Us" for details.

 What if I want handwovens but don’t see the colours I like?

Handwovens can be commissioned. Please contact Ruth Johnson through The Plaid Moose Gallery to discuss. Keep in mind the best outcome usually happens with some mutual flexibility - suggestions plus artistic licence can be an exciting process for everyone involved.

How do I care for a KIR Knit product?

All hand knit items should be hand washed in cold water gentle detergent, no wringing. Rinse very well then roll out in a towel and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Dry piece flat on a towel, be sure to place back in it's shape and size, and it will dry in the shape you place it.

Do I have to baby my kitchen towels?

Each item includes written care instructions but my handwoven items are made to be loved and used. Kitchen towels just get softer and more absorbent over time. They are finished and preshrunk in a hot washer and dryer. You can continue to care for them that way but no bleach please! 

These towels will last for many years whether you choose to save them for “good” or enjoy them everyday.

Are the woven woolen items scratchy?

Woolen goods come off the loom looking and feeling like coarse burlap. Scratchy doesn’t begin to describe them! But that isn’t the end of the story!

The magical journey to lofty softness happens with warm water, soap and agitation each doled out extremely carefully. Once the wool undergoes this amazing transformation, it is brushed by hand to bring out even more softness and the characteristic halo of pure coziness.  Sadly there is little that can be done for wool allergies or sensitivities but rest assured these items are soft and luxurious. Written care instructions are included with every item. 

 What makes a handwoven item so special? 

Handwovens are carefully designed - the weaver considers the fibre that will be used, the colours, the weave structure, the design graphic and then part way through will take off on a flight of fancy! What comes off the loom is an original every single time. That said, it is also the case that hand crafted items often include small imperfections. You may notice one kitchen towel is a bit bigger than the other or has different colours thrown in or the wool shawl has a bit of a wobbly edge in one place or the fringe isn’t all EXACTLY the same length. All these things are the whimsical characteristics of “hand made” - that’s what makes them special.

How do I care for my Calico Moon Pottery:

Your Calico Moon pottery is a functional piece of art that is food safe and is suitable for the dishwasher and the microwave. Some tips:

  •       Avoid thermal shock (ex. Do not add very cold contents after removing from dishwasher or hot water if mug has been in the fridge.
  •       Use caution with handles and other protruding parts as they can be more delicate about being knocked around or squeezed into tight spaces
  •       Do not microwave pottery while empty 
  •       Do not microwave pottery that has gold or mother of pearl lustre (this would be noted in your online item description)

How big are your mugs and how much liquid do they hold?

Mugs vary from 8oz to 16oz capacity. Most of the pinch pot “teacup” style mugs are made to hold 8 oz. All liquid capacities are listed in the item listing. Each piece of pottery is unique, and individually handmade from clay which is an organic material. Sizes will vary slightly as variations are inherent in the making of handmade products.

Does the Calico Moon Pottery offer custom work?

Yes! The potter especially loves making custom pet portraits (Pet Mug Shots). Currently the Gallery is offering a number of custom mugs that can be ordered.  Once ordered the potter will make contact with you to determine what you are looking for.  These take a little time to make so plan for that if it is a gift.

Do you ever have discounted Calico Moon items?

Occasionally there will be discounted “less than perfect” items. If deemed a piece to have a cosmetic flaw it will be pointed out - beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! Please note, all items are carefully inspected for defects and will not be sold if the defect impacts structural integrity and safety (such as a minor crack in a mug handle). Every so often there will be “beauty marks” in the clay or glaze. These are not defects, but just the nature of pottery and working with clay. These beauty marks add character to the pieces and I see them as “happy accidents” that were meant to be. 

What cone does Calico Moon fire to?

Calico Moon fires to cone 6.

What clay bodies does Calico Moon use?

Mostly Tuckers Bright White Porcelain and their CCSS (speckled tan) and speckled white for stoneware pieces.

What glazes does Calico Moon use?

Various glazes from commercial companies like Mayco, and Amaco. Calico Moon does not make homemade glaze mixes at this time.

Are the Art cards blank inside?

Yes. The Pandemic Cards and the Alberta Now cards are blank inside with a quote on the back of the card.  The Flower Power cards are postcard style with room for a message on the back.

Which local Arts organizations will be supported by the sale of the Pandemic Cards?

Our first local arts organization recipient will be the Calgary Performing Arts Festival. We have now added The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation (to support their arts program) as our second charity.  

What if I have a local Arts organizations that could benefit from your efforts to raise funds?

On the top right hand corner of the homepage select "Contact Us" and let us know who you are and why you need support. We can't promise anything but we are always open to discussion. We love the arts and wish we could help more.

What is your refund policy?

Art is art and generally not refundable.  We do our best to package our Art so that it isn't damaged in shipping.  If you receive a piece and have concerns or questions please reach out to us.

On the top right hand corner of the homepage select "Contact Us" for details. You should also read our Refund Policy

How can I leave a review? 

We appreciate reviews very much.  At this time you can provide one through our contact form. On the top right hand corner of the homepage select "Contact Us" for details. 

What is your shipping policy?

We will be using Canada Post for most of our shipments.  We understand that because of the pandemic they have very high volumes and can not guarantee shipping times.  We will do our best to get our shipments to them as soon as possible though in some cases we may need to first obtain a print or cards from our local print shops. We trust that you can be patient with us.  Send us a special note if there is a reason for any urgency and we will see what we can do to support your requests.   Please read our Shipping Policy

What if a painting or piece of pottery arrives damaged?

We do a great job of packaging our Art for shipping but sometimes bad things still happen.  On the top right hand corner of the homepage select "Contact Us."  You might also want to read our Shipping Policy.

What if a painting or piece of pottery gets lost in the mail?

We will be purchasing insurance on any original works of art.  Items lost in the mail service or stolen from our doorsteps is unfortunately a possibility.  We trust that you will take measures to keep delivered packages safe - and we also know that we can't control the delivery once we mail it.  If this happens, and we hope it doesn't, please contact us. On the top right hand corner of the homepage select "Contact Us."  You might also want to read our Shipping Policy

What is your Privacy Policy?

We take Privacy seriously.  We will not be selling any of your information and will only use it for the purpose it was provided.  We will also respect your wishes to have your name removed from our Newsletter mailing list at anytime.  For more detail... and it is pretty long so get yourself a coffee or a cup of tea first... and then read our Privacy Policy

How are the prices set for paintings and other art? 

Each artist is requested to have a documented pricing strategy that they will apply consistently, however, this will differ from artist to artist.  We do not share these but will follow them consistently.  Making Art is an expensive venture.  Purchasing quality products, retaining third party print shops, having frames built... in addition to all of the time spent by the artists to produce the work.  We trust that you appreciate that original art is worth the investment.  It has its own intrinsic value which is priceless. 

Is there a bricks and mortar location where I can go see the art in person? 

No.  The Plaid Moose Gallery is only located online.  Some of the artists may also participate in other galleries, or fairs, or host pop up events from time to time.  The Plaid Moose Gallery is operated out of a location in Calgary, Alberta Canada.