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These collections are not for sale and are only for the benefit of the residents of the Neoma building in Calgary. This art was donated by local Canadian artists as part of the Art is the Heart of a Home project.

Welcome, residents of Neoma! Local Canadian artists donated original work to you and your families so that you can be sure to have art in your new home. These paintings and posters are for you as a gift and yours to keep.

Please note this video may take up to a minute or more to load. Video created by @leojenkinsphoto

A huge thank you to our community

It wouldn’t have happened without the generosity of over 50 artists, from Calgary and across Canada, who donated original art and poster designs. We collected 134 original pieces and 24 original poster designs for the residents of Neoma in Calgary. If you need help with the website or completing the form please contact the folks at HomeSpace.

How to Select a painting

We have organized the work across five themes to help you select a piece that will bring the heart to your home. Please enjoy the entire catalogue of art and select one piece for your new apartment. All the paintings should be ready to hang and HomeSpace will provide you with a Command Hook to attach to your wall. Make a note of the painting code.

All paintings are distributed on a 'first come first served' basis, and we try and keep the categories as up-to-date as possible.

Have any children or teens?

Each one can select a poster from the Poster Collection. The artists who created the posters are thrilled to donate them. There is a wide selection of posters to select from and we trust that there is something for everyone. Some of the posters are black & white and intended to be coloured in by the child or teen.

We have a printshop ready to make the posters and HomeSpace will also provide you with special poster tape for putting it up on the wall.

You, the children, and teens can also decide if they want it to be a smaller size poster (11” x 17”) or a large poster size (24” x 36”) by adding the poster code and size into the form. Once selections and size have been made – make a note of the code.