Welcome to The Plaid Moose Gallery

The Plaid Moose Gallery is an online art gallery where you can purchase original art.  The gallery is opening with the art created by the founder Linda French but will be expanded over time to include other painters and artisans.  

If The Plaid Moose Gallery was in a physical space you would expect to enter into a warm inviting space.  There would be a fireplace on the far wall with two chairs inviting you to sit and stay for awhile.  On a cool day you could expect the fire to be warming you up while you relaxed in one of the chairs.  On the walls of the Gallery you would see original art enticing you to experience the world through the eyes and hearts of the artists.  There would be watercolours, acrylics, art cards and fine art prints.

If you stayed long enough - you would watch the art pieces come and go as new artists shared their work in the Gallery.  You would see multi media, digital art, oils and more, including beautifully woven and knitted handicrafts.  As you sat in that comfy chair you might notice other items tucked away on shelves, like greeting cards, and notebooks.  

If The Plaid Moose Gallery was in a physical space - you would want to come back again and again to see what was new in the space.  You might want to purchase some of the art and handicrafts to have a small piece of the Gallery in your home...to bring that warm cozy space into your home.

Consider signing up for the Newsletter on the home page so that you can stay in touch and connected with us as we grow this online Gallery.  We invite you to check back with us as we add additional artists. We also encourage you to support the arts by purchasing a pack of six Pandemic Cards. $15 from each sale will go to a local arts organization.  

Welcome to The Plaid Moose Gallery.

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Hi Linda. I didn’t know that you were developing your artistic skills. I absolutely love the whimsy and interpretations of your art. The website is fantastic as well. I love your commentaries. Congratulations!

Kathy Frisz May 20, 2021

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