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Check out the incredible new art pieces we've added for you to discover! Notably, we have art by the wonderfully talented artist, Ruth Johnson that you can finally order!

We're excited to announce our new product category: Handwovens. Fall in love with beautiful, artistic handwoven art today!

Pandemic Art Cards

Share the love! Discover our Pandemic Art Cards — the perfect gift to show your appreciation to someone you care about. $15.00 from every purchases goes towards supporting the arts.

Discover and explore Alberta like never before with our high-quality art prints. Simply find the piece(s) that you're interested in — and order it today!

Browse through original watercolour sketches that will add a pop of creativeness to any space you choose to place them in.

Small, but delightful. Discover our currently available selection of smaller, original art pieces.

Looking for something on the 'grand' side of things? Take a look at our currently available large works for you to order today.