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About our Gallery

The Plaid Moose Gallery was created to be an online platform to launch emerging artists  or for established artists to find a new audience.  The Gallery also has a mandate to fundraise for local arts organizations. It is a place where the art collectors and artists can jointly support the arts. 

 Why is it called The Plaid Moose Gallery? The moose is an iconic symbol of Canada.  Are they ever spotted wearing plaid? No. But the idea of one wearing a plaid scarf would be something completely wonderful. The Plaid Moose Gallery is created on a foundation of Canadian art, that is joyful and whimsical – like the idea of the Moose with the plaid scarf.

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Whimsical Impressionism

Linda French

I’m launching my creative life in my fifties after a career as a lawyer and senior leader. I spend the best hours of my day painting and writing in my home studio. We grow as people by engaging with life. I know that for me I am meant to grow through painting.

Some days I paint something that I can’t even believe came from me. This happens when I allow myself to move my hold on the paintbrush up toward the end - to let go of my desire to be in complete control - to let the painting be what the painting is going to be. I am currently working with acrylics , watercolour and oils. My acrylic paintings can be small pleasures, large works, and everything in between. With watercolour I like creating watercolour sketches which are usually based on my photography. My oils have been an exploration in a new medium which I have enjoyed exploring on an easel inside my greenhouse.

My work tends to be a whimsical exploration of nature - in particular the landscapes that I see around me here in Alberta.  I started The Plaid Moose Gallery as a platform to share my own art, and to provide a platform for emerging artists, or established artists looking for a new audience. The gallery will also be a place where artists and art collectors can come together and support the arts.  It is a foundational value of the gallery to be of service to our art community. 

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Arte Abstracto

Lorena Mibelli

Hello! I am a mom, a teacher, a biologist and a self-taught artist. I also migrated from Venezuela to Canada.

I can’t remember a season of my life where I wasn’t creating something; art has always been a big part of who I am. For me, art is similar to science, it is experimentation at it's finest. I enjoy painting with many mediums; watercolours, inks, pastels, and acrylic are my favourites. I started painting almost daily after I had my first son. These waves of weird thoughts would come into my head and would not leave, so I sought help, and a lovely counsellor suggested art as a way of diverging the thoughts and easing my mind. It worked well, and since then, I try to keep creating with whatever I have around. I realized I tend to paint many circles; there is something that attracts me to that specific shape that I am still trying to figure out.

Another of my passions is Colour. I love colourful things, people and places; Colours have always brought joy to my life, and this is why I love painting with bright colours. For me, painting is an essential practice; art makes my mental health load easier to carry.I love that I can share some of my works through The Plaid Moose Gallery, and I hope you enjoy them too!

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Calico Moon Pottery

Andrea Robinson - Calico Moon Pottery

Hi there! I am a Middle School Art Teacher in Calgary, Alberta; originally from Nova Scotia. I moved to Calgary 13 years ago with my husband and 2 daughters. I’ve been teaching for almost 20 years - 7 of which have included roles as an art teacher at the middle school and high school level. 

I  love that pottery can serve a functional purpose in addition to being a form of artistic expression. I also just love the smooth coolness of a carefully formed stoneware or porcelain mug. Pottery brings me joy and it is my hope to share some of that joy with you.

My Style and Methods:

My pottery is a reflection of some of the things I love: animals, music, nature, and anything to do with the sport of triathlon. Much of my work is somewhat whimsical with carvings, stamps, and raised images and hand-painted. While I do occasionally use underglaze transfers (ex. the Chickens and Tarot Card mugs!) most of my work, (in particular custom Pet Portraits) is all hand carved and hand painted; the only technology I use is a pair of really strong reading glasses and a bright light so I can see the teeny tiny details!

My current work is all hand built which means all of my items are formed using only my hands and a few hand held tools. I prefer to use the slab and sometimes pinch method for my projects. It is a slow, methodical and meditative process. As a teacher in schools without access to a pottery wheel I have learned many tricks over the years to help my students create decorative and functional work. Potters (and I would say artists in general) are very resourceful people! I do use a small banding wheel to achieve symmetry and to help clean up or “trim” most of my pieces which are sometimes described as “perfectly imperfect.” I believe the slight imperfections and seeing the touch of the maker, is the beauty of handmade pottery. 

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Journey in Mixed Media

Trina Kuzik

Hello! I’m a self-taught artist inspired by the amazing people and places all around me. I am also a bridge engineer and mom to three amazing kids who remind me every day that it’s important to find time to play.

I’ve always enjoyed creating art of any kind but have focused on painting the past decade. I have worked with oils, watercolours, and acrylics but have recently come to love incorporating mixed media in my art in which I layer acrylic paint, inks, and papers to create images resembling the beauty around us. Each layer adds to the interest and depth, providing endless opportunities to play with combinations of pattern, colour, and texture.

I’m excited to share my work through The Plaid Moose Gallery. I have had a lot of fun putting a collection together and hope you enjoy it too.

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Wild, Strong & Free

Jocelyn Shields - J. Shields Fine Art

Blessed to grow up in a home that was always full of art, being creative was always a part of my life. After a degree in English and Education and teaching for almost 6 years, I rekindled my love of art. It started with a package of oil pastels and a photo of my son- the colour flew out of me and in that moment, my love of art was reignited. five years later, I haven’t stopped!

Specializing in acrylic animal portraits, as well as a recent focus on landscapes and whimsical art, I love learning and experimenting with new mediums, styles and subjects. I have been painting, crafting, doing markets, teaching art classes and paint nights for five years now and I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to not only be an artist, but have the support of friends, family and community as I go on this journey!

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Nature's Luxurious Wearables

Karin Irrgang - KIR Knits

I am an artist, jeweller, gemologist and avid knitter living and creating in Montreal. I love spending time in nature and when I see nature – I see art. I love to use the soothing colours and textures of the sky and the dramatic colours of the ever shifting sea.

I interpret my love for colour and texture through my unique knitting designs which I call KIR Knits. Knitting is part of every day, it could be ten minutes or five hours. I choose my favourite yarns first, favouring merino, cashmere, linen and silk, which are usually handmade by local and indie yarn dyers. Once I have selected the quality yarn, inspired by the yarn and nature, I follow by creating swatches using different needle sizes and stitches to optimize the character of the wool, then develop a pattern.

Each piece is one of a kind displaying the highest quality yarn, master knitting techniques and an artistic eye for vivid colour combinations. Knitting on original work of art is very time consuming and involves a lot of planning. No two pieces are ever the same so please purchase the items you desire for they cannot be recreated! I can only hope you enjoy wearing these luxuries as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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Anna Hill - Hidden Hill Artistry

Hi, Hello! My name is Anna, a Nova Scotian who is now creating art from Edmonton. When I am not working as a Registered Nurse you will find me in baggy, paint stained clothes, creating! When I’m not doing that I am teaching my almost three year old the beauty of colour. He loves painting with his Mama. Being able to share my art with others is truly a dream come true.

As a young girl, I would sit for hours with my Grampy drawing with his pastels. He was a folk artist and would draw pictures of animals inspired from his happy place, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Seeing his passion for art quickly ignited a fire inside me, and I haven’t stopped creating since. Each of my acrylic paintings has some markings from his pastels that were passed down to me.

 My favourite mediums for painting are watercolour and acrylics, both of them sing to me! My paintings are almost always inspired by nature. Going from the ocean to the mountains has given me endless inspiration. There is so much beauty around us. I am thrilled to be a part of The Plaid Moose Gallery. Sharing my passion with others has me so excited!

Thank you for supporting The Arts!

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Andrea Rist By _Drea_

Born and raised in Alberta with a short stint living in B.C., I always wondered if I would have found my way back to art sooner had my family stayed on the coast. You’ll see the influence of living in Alberta and B.C. come through my work, as well as my broader travels to places like Africa, South America, SE Asia, and Europe. I see so much beauty in the natural environment and have always felt compelled to capture those moments. I remember coming back from Africa with my camera loaded full of stories to tell.

I have cherished these photos for over 5 years knowing one day I would turn them into art. I am a new artist in Calgary whose barrier over the years was a feeling that I had had too many hobbies, having equal parts interest in photography, art, and adventure that I never focused on just one. Then I realized my barrier was actually my solution – mix them together! Magic! Why not use my photography as a foundation for creating visually appealing art forms with acrylic and oil paint, calling attention to worldly experiences I wish to share with my community? My dream is to create a social enterprise selling mixed media that gives back directly to the subject of that piece of art.

This series draws attention to how fragile our world is around us. We, humankind, are absolutely the biggest threat to what gives back to us the most – our planet, nature, and our animals. This is why I’ve chosen to create art that you can’t help but see your reflection in. I did this because we cannot separate ourselves from the world around us, and in some cases, we need to look ourselves directly in the mirror about our impact on the natural environment. 

My dreams would not be possible without my partner in crime - my sister Elissa Rist, whom I often refer to as my "voice of reason," brings a unique edge, thoughtfulness, and pragmatism which elevates each piece before they hit the market.  That said, she is not only exercising quality control, she is now picking up paint and partnering with me as we expand the business. (Photo Credit: - Calgary, AB - Elissa and Andrea Rist)

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Here I am 

Jenn Lecour

I love to paint! I discovered my joy of painting by taking evening courses at the Ottawa School of Art while in the middle of a very busy career as a corporate lawyer. Since then I have explored many different mediums and styles of painting in the process of developing my own art style.

I started painting in a very realistic manner and then focused on portraits. Over time I discovered that creating abstract paintings to communicate my experiences and feelings is what I am drawn to. My current paintings are multi-layered with a focus on forms, colour and texture. I work intuitively, as the layers of paint are added, scraped away and sanded, the painting emerges...often the form of a landscape or the composition can evolve as purely abstract.

I moved from Ottawa, Ontario to the west coast of British Columbia (BC) five years ago. I am now living my best life, painting full time from either my ocean view studio on Pender Island or from my small studio in Victoria overlooking the harbour. The natural beauty of BC and the changing ocean is a constant source of inspiration. I hope my paintings convey to you an experience of awe and beauty in nature.   Art can speak in a way that words cannot.

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Tales from Beyond the Canvas

Marlene Loewen

My interest in art started in university where I had the most wonderful somewhat off-the-wall mentor. She instilled in us the confidence that we were artists. And so throughout the years I've traveled and looked at art and looked at skies and looked at compositions and studied how I would paint that scene. 

I think for me composition is the most important.  I want people to look at my paintings and see a story... for it to remind you of some place... or someone.

Next of course is colour. What a wonderful thing colour is! I love to try to duplicate the blues of the sky, or the yellow of a sunflower or the red of a dress.  A colourful painting is often my main objective.  I am so inspired by the people, and events and things around me.  I see a scene and plan a painting!  Many of my paintings are from my photography of places I have visited and now often I photograph a scene especially to paint later.

I work in oils. I love oils - they're bright, they blend and mix and they are so forgiving. Painting for me is a release from all the other things calling to me!  I feel fortunate to be part of The Plaid Moose Gallery and I hope you enjoy my paintings.

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Carly Alexandra

My art is my form of change-making, of protest, and of playfulness.

I am a queer person, born and raised on the land encompassing the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7, which includes the Blackfoot Confederacy, Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Stoney Nakoda, and Métis Nation of Alberta, Region III. You likely know it as Southern Alberta. I share this because art, literature, and language are culturally situated. I am a white Canadian, a descendant of colonizers. My ancestors did not “discover” North America, they found it thriving and abundant in life. Great artists exist here in Southern Alberta, and have existed here for thousands of years; drawing inspiration from the same landscapes that I am inspired by.

As an artist I get to choose how I record my lived experience through my art, who I include in my narratives, and how I honour those who walked before me. Many of my pieces explore my struggles with identity as a queer person living in the Catholic born system that we call Canada. The 2S in LGBTQ2SAI+ stands for two-spirit, an english word that represents this form of queer existence that transcends recorded history in Canada.

The first queer people.

 Representation matters.

What we create matters.

I hope that through my art you will find questions - and maybe answers - about who you are, how you create in the world and what you represent through your creations.

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Birds, Bees and Trees

Isabel Ostrom

Artist Isabel Ostrom was born and raised in Victoria British Columbia (BC) and lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Always able to draw, Isabel learned to paint as an adult and did not realize her artistic ability until relatively late in life. Creating art for family and friends led to word of mouth commissions and now Isabel has a thriving art business.  Isabel loves bringing joy into other people’s lives through her colourful paintings. She is known for her ability to express the unique and sometimes quirky personalities in animals, both domestic and wild.

 Isabel has learned various art techniques and methods through experimentation, working with other members of the local arts community and taking a variety of classes and workshops. Most of her work is in acrylic and mixed media. Isabel is a member of the Calgary Community Painters Society and sells her work privately and through local shows.

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