Meet the Artists

Linda French

I’m launching my creative life in my fifties after a career as a lawyer and senior leader.  I spend the best hours of my day painting and writing in my home studio.   

We grow as people by engaging with life.  I know that for me I am meant to grow through painting.  Some days I paint something that I can’t even believe came from me.  This happens when I allow myself to move my hold on the paintbrush up toward the end - to let go of my desire to be in complete control - to let the painting be what the painting is going to be. 


Ruth Johnson


I have always been a “maker”. Although life has taken me along some fascinating highways, byways, dead ends and detours, creative expression has always been my driving force.

 As a child I was encouraged to make whatever I wanted to matter how messy. I played with clay, paint, and glass but the fibre arts quickly became my main obsession as I love the idea of usable and wearable art. Knitting, sewing, quilting, embroidery, fabric design, batik - you name it I dove in with enthusiasm happily adorning myself, my loved ones and our homes with unique creations. 

 Creating textiles is my true passion. Weaving presents endless possibilities to the creative process. The incredible diversity of fibers, colours and textures continues to fuel my imagination. I weave in my cosy studio in beautiful Bowness, (Calgary Alberta Canada) on a vintage Leclerc floor loom manufactured in Quebec and I purchase my yarns from Canadian mills and distributors.

I am so pleased to offer my handwoven kitchen linens, blankets, shawls and scarves to you through the Plaid Moose Gallery so that you too can bring some usable art into your life.

Does The Plaid Moose Gallery have any other artists?

Not yet... but check back soon.