Sueños de Santi 2 (two piece set)
Sueños de Santi 2 (two piece set)

Sueños de Santi 2 (two piece set)

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Art by Lorena Mibelli

Original Artwork

Watercolour abstract

High Intensity Watercolour Pigments UV varnish protection

8" x 10" Images each (set of two pieces)


300g/m2 paper

Avoid hanging in direct sunlight.

Frame with mat preferably. This will make the art pop and feel more substantial. We recommend the 12"x16 " (31x41cm) Ikea Frames; they come with the perfect mat and in different frame colours.

As a way to get away from intrusive thoughts I started doodling in watercolours, markers or even pencil. I remember filling a whole page of it in 30 minutes and after that I felt way more at ease. I really liked the result so I started experimenting with different colours and somehow ended up here! I love how these two pieces go together, they just make me happy!

10% of all sales of Lorena’s art will be donated by the gallery to the Alberta Children’s hospital Foundation for their Therapeutic Art Program.  

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