Share The Love Heart

Share The Love Heart

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Original Artwork


Art by Linda French


Watercolour Painting

7" wide x 5" high (unframed) 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" framed)

Watercolour on paper

Framed in a silver frame. Ready to hang. 

This heart:

 Share The Love Heart

Words carry extraordinary power.  Share the Love Heart uses this power to spread positive thoughts.  This Heart shares support and guidance in a non judgmental manner.  It listens.  Really listens.  And only uses words when needed as their power is so strong. 

These heart paintings were created as a fundraiser for the Art is the Heart of a Home project.  We are collecting 72 original paintings from local artists to be able to gift one to each tenant of a new housing project in Calgary called Sierra Place.  Sierra Place was a downtown office building and our partner HomeSpace Society is repurposing the empty building to be residential units for vulnerable Calgarians.

We will also be providing art supplies to set up a community art room for the use of the Sierra Place residents including a day care that will be located in the building.

Your purchase of a heart helps us fund the acquisition of the art and art supplies.  thank you for being a part of this wonderful project.

We appreciate your support.  Shipping will be $15.00 in Canada and the US., and $20.00 for International. This way 100% of profit can be allocated to the project.

This is an original painting.  Hang it on the wall as a reminder to live each day to its fullest.