Rock Star Dad Mug
Rock Star Dad Mug
Rock Star Dad Mug

Rock Star Dad Mug

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Art by Andrea Robinson (Calico Moon Pottery)

Original Artwork


Tucker’s Bright White, Cone 6 Porcelain

Glazes: Amaco ancient Copper and Mayco Flux on rim, Mayco Clear

Slab built, hand carved and crafted. Original Design, using Elan Transfers Uunderglaze “Mixed Tapes” underglaze transfer on mug background.

Weight: 1.4 lbs Capacity: Holds 13 fl oz

I made my first “Rock Star Dad” mug as a gift for my husband who, among many other things, is a musician and truly a rock star dad! This mug is also the result of an experiment with mug handle design. I am always learning and developing my craft as a potter and mug handles are a technical challenge that also provide an opportunity to be creative. This mug is not only strong and sturdy, it is comfortable to hold and the dripping copper glaze is eye catching and intriguing. At the artist’s request, the gallery will donate $2.00 from this sale to the arts.