Magic of First Snow
Magic of First Snow
Magic of First Snow
Magic of First Snow

Magic of First Snow

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Original Artwork

Art by Linda French

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting with layers of acrylic glazes

48" x 24"


Ready to hang with wire. Sides painted a solid colour.

The view from up on Sulphur mountain in Banff is one that many have seen over the years after either hiking or taking the gondola up to the summit.  We took the gondola the day that the photo was taken upon which this painting is based. 

The mountains that appear to be down below the viewpoint are overwhelming massive.  It is hard to imagine that they could be below the vantage point.  The sky on this day had a light misty cloud that hung above the giants and at the time of day that we were there it had a light dash of pink and sparkle. 

Though we saw this mountain in the summer, it is magical to imagine it with the first sign of snowflakes... one large fluffy snowflake coming up to our vantage point. The edges have been painted grey and the painting is wired and ready to hang.