Elegant Daisies
Elegant Daisies

Elegant Daisies

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Original Artwork

Art by Linda French

Watercolour Sketch

On 300gm Watercolour paper

8"x"10" image in 9"x11" frame with mat.

Framed white wooden double mat

Ready to hang.

Another Day in Alberta Series.  THis is one of three Watercolour Sketches created for the Pop Up and developed into small exclusive limited edition print offerings.  This is the original painting of one such piece.  This image is based on a photo taken of daisies in the garden.  The Daisy is an understated beauty.  She thrives in adversity.  She can be viewed as both a flower and a weed.  She is flexible.  She dresses up or down depending on the event.  She is agile.  She can grow in gardens or between sidewalk cracks.  These daisies were elegant in the shadows.