Collaborate and Create
Collaborate and Create
Collaborate and Create
Collaborate and Create
Collaborate and Create
Collaborate and Create

Collaborate and Create

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Original Artwork


Art by Andrea and Elissa Rist

Mixed Media


Typically using acrylic paint, oil paint, gold leaf features, texturizing techniques and sealed with glossy lightening medium. We are excited to use your photos and colour pallet as our base to build from.

4" diameter

OR If you have an idea for an installation or painting - contact us!

How can we turn your meaningful memories into lasting art?

Our favourite art pieces are made in collaboration with you!  We love to turn your photographic memories into existence as tangible art. You can choose your colour pallet, too.  

Our Coasters:

A few of our recent favourites include commemorating the adoption of two baby elephants from Sheldrick Wildlife Trust named “Ziwadi” and “Suguroi”.  Their names thoughtfully tell their story or represent their place of rescue.

Another favourite was the bold colour pattern of family pets named after “Sonic” and “Tails”.  These cleaver names based on quirky cartoon characters were brought to life for this inseparable, dynamic cat and dog duo – figuratively and literally!

All coasters are handmade originals and are sold in sets of 4. They are backed with felt to prevent scratching surfaces. 

Our aim is to spark your creative juices when you sip on your favourite drink.  We hope you enjoy!

If you live in and around Calgary Alberta, an option for personal delivery is available for savings on shipping costs. You can use "LiveBold" code for free shipping.

If you order Custom coasters the artists will contact you to collaborate.  Creation will take some time - but you can discuss this with the artists (Andrea and Elissa).

Or Contact the Gallery to discuss other ideas... 

Contact us!

We recently completed a 13-piece installation for a local Bragg Creek business named Handle-Bar, whose mission is to “make the extreme accessible”, offering dine-in options at their coffee shop before and after your adventure.  You can rent their gear and meet their friendly guides, who are introduced in this art piece through 13 photos of their adventures from ice climbing, kayaking, ski touring, and glacier trekking. 

Tell us your story – whether it is animal friends, a memorable landscape from hiking – or any category under the sun.  We want to create with you.  From coasters  (you can order those at a set price) to large wall features and everything in between.