Bleeding Heart Heart
Bleeding Heart Heart

Bleeding Heart Heart

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Original Artwork


Art by Kelsie Ermantrout 


Mixed Media Painting

4" diameter  1/2"  width

Mixed Media

Not ready to hang - but super cool disc shaped can be placed on a shelf or could add a hanger to back.

This heart: 

Bleeding Heart Heart

This Bleeding Heart Heart is a secret little flower found in many gardens that flourishes.  This heart is a friend to all gardeners and it loves to whisper secrets to its caregivers.  “I am here for you.” It whispers so quietly it gets combined with sound of the breeze.  Its message is felt more than it is heard.  It is just a sensation of support.  We are not alone.  We are loved.

 These heart paintings were created as a fundraiser for the Art is the Heart of a Home project.  We are collecting 72 original paintings from local artists to be able to gift one to each tenant of a new housing project in Calgary called Sierra Place.  Sierra Place was a downtown office building and our partner HomeSpace Society is repurposing the empty building to be residential units for vulnerable Calgarians.

We will also be providing art supplies to set up a community art room for the use of the Sierra Place residents including a day care that will be located in the building.

Your purchase of a heart helps us fund the acquisition of the art and art supplies.  thank you for being a part of this wonderful project.

We appreciate your support.  Shipping will be $15.00 in Canada and the US., and $20.00 for International. This way 100% of profit can be allocated to the project.

This is an original painting.  Hang it on the wall as a reminder to live each day to its fullest.