Tangled Weave
Tangled Weave
Tangled Weave
Tangled Weave

Tangled Weave

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Art by Linda French

Original Artwork


On 1.5" depth cotton canvas

20" x 20" Image

Custom oak frame

These trees are based on a photo I took as I walked down our long driveway in the country.

The leaves were not on the trees yet, but the colours reflecting on the trees as the sun set were magical.  The trees in the background almost glowed like gold.  I loved how in the forest there were some tangled dark trees wrapping themselves against the white bark of the aspens.

I also like how the aspen forest grows - with clone trees growing as one large organism.  They are each unique and still a part of the whole.  The raw wood frame really pulls this piece together.  It is ready to hang.

Only available in Canada at this time. $100 Shipping and handling charge.